Three Baskets

Mobile application for money management and financial literacy development
Develop a mobile application design with financial advisor functions
In order to prevent the user from showing a soulless demo room at the first launch, we suggest adding one wallet and one income source and testing the application with your data
As smart people say, "To affect the score, you have to count them first." It's convenient to follow income and expenses in our Statistics section.
During the development process, the application was enriched with new features and functions. This is how the application works in the language of flowcharts.
Financial Advisor
The killer-feature of the Three Baskets application is a financial advisor. It analyses the user's state of affairs and offers to teach material on a problematic topic, such as basic financial literacy, debits, credits, etc.
Components are the bricks from which the entire architecture of an application is built.
Nowadays it is important that all marketing materials and platforms are in the same corporate style.
Behance Award
The gold ribbon means that this project has won a prestigious award in the category "Interactive Design" for its original illustrations and fresh design solutions. Project Link.